ISSN 0392-6753

Quaderni dell'Osservatorio elettorale (QOE) – Italian Journal of Electoral Studies (IJES) - is an international scientific journal dedicated to all different dimensions of elections and voting.

Founded in 1977 by Mario Caciagli (University of Florence), QOE-IJES is a reference for electoral studies in Italy. Almost half a century later, QOE-IJES is now the official journal of the Italian Society for Electoral Studies (SISE). The Journal aims at continuing publishing high-quality original papers from both Italian and international scholars, with the aim to further becoming a main outlet of elections and voting, public opinion, political behavior and party studies in Italy and beyond.
Paolo Bellucci, University of Siena, Italy
Silvia Bolgherini, EURAC Research Bozen/University of Naples Federico II, Italy
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