TECHNE 2 (2011): Technological design
Research and Experimentation

Tecnema Social Housing

TECHNE 2 (2011): Technological design

Published 2011-11-02


  • Minimum living units,
  • Energy efficiency,
  • System integration,
  • Reversibility

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De Capua, A. (2011). Tecnema Social Housing. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, 1(2), 128–137.


The project is a collaboration between the company Termocasa in Reggio Calabria and the research unit Stoa, of the Department DASTEC of the University of Reggio Calabria. This initiative was implemented in two phases: 1) in the first, already completed, the following objectives were achieved: Plan local knowledge of the experiment; theoretical and practical methodology of the entire construction process to ensure the energy efficiency of buildings, description of typed technical solutions and verification of transferability. To carry out this phase, it was used a Scholarship sponsored by «Termocasa». 2) the second phase, which will require substantial financial resources, will begin with the execution of construction projects and the subsequent evaluation of the energy efficiency solutions implemented.


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