TECHNE 4 (2012): Social housing
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<em>Mass customization process</em> for the Social Housing. Potentiality, critical points, research lines

TECHNE 4 (2012): Social housing
Published October 28, 2012
  • Mass Customization,
  • Social Housing,
  • Mass Production,
  • Technological Planning
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Di Sivo, M., & Angelucci, F. (2012). <em>Mass customization process</em&gt; for the Social Housing. Potentiality, critical points, research lines. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (4), 132-137.


The demand for lengthening the life cycle of the residential estate, engendered with the economical and housing crisis since the last few years, brings out, in the course of time, the need for conservation and improvement works of the property house performances, through the direct involvement of the users. The possibility of reducing maintenance and adjustment costs may develop into a project resource, consistent to the participation and cooperation principles, identifying social housing interventions. With this aim, the BETHA group of the d’Annunzio University is investigating the potentiality of technological transfer of the ‘mass customization’ process from the industrial products field to the social housing segment, by detecting issues, strategies and opportunities.