TECHNE 5 (2013): Environment emergency
Essays and Viewpoint

The triumph of the smart city

TECHNE 5 (2013): Environment emergency

Published 2013-05-13


  • Smart city,
  • Environmental resources,
  • Energy efficiency,
  • Urban sustainability

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Oberti, I., & Pavesi, A. S. (2013). The triumph of the smart city. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (5), 117–122.


Globally, one in two people living in cities, megacities are more than twenty, and both figures are expected to increase. In light of this scenario, the major challenge is the ability to grow the urban areas with efficiency and improving the quality of citizens’ life. In the city of the future, the environment, the people and the technology have to be devised in an integrated and sustainable way: this is what underlies the concept of the smart city.


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