TECHNE 5 (2013): Environment emergency
Research and Experimentation

Life-cycle design for sustainable architecture

TECHNE 5 (2013): Environment emergency

Published 2013-05-13


  • Architecture,
  • Sustainability,
  • Quality,
  • Life Cycle Assessment

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Thiébat, F. (2013). Life-cycle design for sustainable architecture. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (5), 177–183.


Sustainability in architecture should involve environmental and social aspects and also economic aspects. However, in a design process budget issues usually outweigh ecological aspects. How can we then drive clients and builders to put more socially responsible buildings on the market that do not exceed the fixed budget but are environmentally friendly?
This paper propose an economic and environmental assessment tool to aid private or public building designers and owners to find the global sustainability value of a green building within a life cycle perspective. Sustainable life cycle tools for buildings design and construction help to achieve successfully integrated architecture. The research here presented proposes a new point of view of the “time-cost-quality triangle” of Project Management, by introducing three further aspects: environment, society and aesthetics.


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