TECHNE 7 (2014): Architectural technologies research and development
Research and Experimentation

Performance of envelope: an innovative energy system

TECHNE 7 (2014): Architectural technologies research and development

Published 2014-05-21


  • Technological experimentation,
  • Energy active envelope

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Franchino, R., Muzzillo, F., & Violano, A. (2014). Performance of envelope: an innovative energy system. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (7), 217–224.


In the field of applied research in construction, the constant request from the production's sector and the persisting both European (Directive 2010/31/EU and 2012/27/UE) and national (Legislative Decree 63/13, LD 115/ 09, LD 28/11) normative indications require testing of technology solutions for envelope ever more efficient in terms of energy and the environment. The conversion of locally generated energy from renewable sources assumes a particularly important role in the energy balance of the building-plant system. In this respect, the paper illustrates the results of technological experimentation conducted within the SEEM (Solar Eco - efficient Envelope Model) Project, funded in 2011 by the Ministry of Environment. The project involved the study of a combined system of solar and wind chimney, architecturally integrated into an envelope systems of the tertiary sector, in order to produce electricity and heat from renewable sources. The study proposes the performance analysis of the SEEM system's components, with particular attention to the thermo-physical relationship between the building and the integrated plant system.


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