Aestimum 51 (2007)
Original Articles - Agricultural Law

Cambiamenti nell’uso del suolo: analisi e comparazione di mappe storiche e recenti. Il caso della Valle dell’Agri, Basilicata, Italia

Published December 20, 2007


Actually, there is a close connection between the individual welfare and the use of the environmental resources. However, it is generally well-known that an excessive use of the resources implies a pollution increase and a consequent welfare decrease. The identification of the actions and the tools facing such a negative trend actually represents one of the most important political objectives, at each level. The aim of the present work is to identify the trends which have produced and are still producing some modifications of the territory, with a particular reference to the rural territory. The models carried out involve the transition matrixes and the space models, which have been compared for fourty years on the inner territory of Basilicata Region.


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