Atti del XLIII Incontro di Studio (Verona)
Original Articles - Appraisal and rural economics

Le biomasse come opportunità per il territorio: analisi tecnico-economica per la Regione Basilicata

Published 2016-01-29


In Basilicata region there is a considerable amount of unused wood as well as the capacity to use it as feedstock for the production of bioenergy. Thus, the supply of renewable energy could be increased through greater utilization of forest biomass. However, for a better planning of the production and processing chain, the energy and forestry sectors require better estimates of the availability of unused roundwood and residues. The aim of the research was the development of a model for the spatial evaluation of biomass quantities obtainable from forestland. The results obtained point out a) significant amounts of biomass distributed on most of the territory; b) good opportunities related to white certificate trading and c) potential of business creation, entrepreneurship and local employment.


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