Aestimum 62 (2013)
Original Articles - Appraisal and rural economics

Quantification of the total economic value of forest systems: spatial analysis application to the region of Tuscany (Italy)

Published 2013-08-05


In forest sector several practical applications need  to consider the monetary value of social utility for each specific location and forest function. In this framework the aim of the paper is to implement a spatial analysis model able to link a set of methodologies for the quantification of the total economic value of the forests. The main characteristic of the proposed methodology is the achievement of a geographical dataset with high resolution that can be used for both ex-ante and ex-post Cost-Benefit Analysis and the improvement of spatially explicit forest planning and policy. The results of the application show that spatial analysis methodologies allow the aggregation of several variables and also facilitate the introduction of natural capital concepts into environmental decision-making processes. The analysis is implemented and verified in Tuscany region (central Italy).


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