Vol. 20 No. 2 (2022): Co-evolution
Thematical section (Current series)

La metà della Terra e l’intero pianeta. Questioni di coevoluzione

Roberto Pasini
Dipartimento di Beni culturali, Università di Bologna

Published 2023-02-23


  • Coevolution,
  • ecological restoration,
  • landscape-zero,
  • third space,
  • GDN

How to Cite

Pasini, R. . (2023). La metà della Terra e l’intero pianeta. Questioni di coevoluzione. Ri-Vista. Research for Landscape Architecture, 20(2), 96–107. https://doi.org/10.36253/rv-13360


Different disciplinary fields have contributed to expand the semantic area of the term ‘coevolution’, from classical biology to philosophical reflections, to the most recent debates on the col- lapse of planetary ecology. Today, the discourse on coevolution focuses on the urge to redefine the relationship between human society and nature and to consistently coordinate the spatial trans- formations imposed by the former upon the latter. In this text, two opposite perspectives on how to re-imagine the spatial organization of the Earth are compared: anthropic withdrawal from half the planet vs. construction of a technologically governed natural-anthropic assemblage. These perspectives directly engage the ambit of the practices and the objectives of landscape design. Two cases of reform of large landscape systems, representative of such opposite positions, are analyzed. Concluding remarks hypothesize forms of constructive synergy between such approaches, philosophically evoked, proactively formulated, but still distant from an operative implementation.


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