Vol 17 No 1 (2019): In the Change. Progettiamo con il cambiamento
Articles - Open section (Current series)

Undici Visioni, 180 Km: Geostorie lungo il confine Italia-Slovenia-Austria

Published October 3, 2019
  • Landscape,
  • infrastructure,
  • border
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Venudo, A. (2019). Undici Visioni, 180 Km: Geostorie lungo il confine Italia-Slovenia-Austria . Ri-Vista, 17(1), 148-167. https://doi.org/10.13128/rv-7019


The article summarizes the research work developed by the Integrated Design Laboratory of Architecture and Building (CdLMCUA — DIA — UNITS) of the University of Trieste in coordination with the Faculty of Architecture of Ljubljana. The study investigated territories and landscapes along the 180km of the border between Italy-Slovenia and Austria, from Tarvisio to Trieste, trying to read and interpret the profound transformations that took place and are still in progress in this geographical area of Europe. This is a sample of a territorial phenomenon that affects the entire buffer of the border of the ‘ex-iron curtain’. The presence, the fall and then the transformation of the border itself spontaneously generated a new ‘geographical structure’ on the European scale. The research proposes a reflection on the territorial models between geography and architecture and eleven project proposals for the landscape rearrangement and the overall planning direction of the border areas in a perspective of cross-border cooperation with an approach to landscape urbanism.


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