TECHNE 15 (2018): Architectural resilience
Art Photography

Langa Stone

TECHNE 15 (2018): Architectural resilience
Published March 12, 2018
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Introini, M. (2018). Langa Stone. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (15), 65-70.


The cultivation terraces that characterise the territory of the Langhe are formed by a sandstone that is brought to light during the burial of the plow in the ground that after being grouped at the edges of the fields, is used to build the retaining walls of the terraces for the vineyard cultivation. The photographic project was born as a path from the natural fault that looks like an archaeological wall with its alternation of horizontal strips of sandstone and sand, to go through views of the landscape designed by the terraces to get to the most minute architecture that uses the same stone (Marco Introini, Pietra di Langa, 2003).


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