TECHNE 19 (2020): The public space
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Urban relations and contemporaneity

Published February 4, 2020
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Introini, M. (2020). Urban relations and contemporaneity. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (19), 65-85.


The public space represents the center of gravity of the reflection and practice of the disciplines that confront the city and its evolution. Over time, the public space has translated the moods and instances of each era, identifying the main scenography: from a privileged place to relationship life, to a place of representation and cultural animation, of economic vitality and social identity.

The development dynamics of the contemporary city have started processes aimed at the redefines of the image and functioning of the urban space as a collector element of relationships and architecture.

The interventions, aimed at adapting the public space to the needs of a new society, are functional to the construction of an urban landscape that global competition and new trends always tend to enhance through the filter of the distinctive character and its rate of innovation. A process that, starting from the metropolitan areas, ended up investing also the medium and small cities, increasing the degree of attractiveness, identity and strengthening the sense of belonging of citizens.


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