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Wine Economics and Policy is an international, interdisciplinary journal currently run by University of Florence. Studies and researches applied to wine sector, as well as the management skills needed for the competitive development of wine companies, require an increasing international approach. The mission of this journal is to bring together academic researchers and business professionals interested in the economics and politics of wine around the world, and bring about a worldwide opinion on the current issues that the wine sector faces. The main areas of interest of the journal pertain to all the economic aspects of agricultural and biological sciences in the wine sector, from the efficiency of wine companies to the competitiveness of products on the markets.

Silvio Menghini, University of Florence, Italy

Wine Economics and Policy is indexed in SCOPUS.


Considering the variety of relevant themes for the development of the wine industry, the subjects of interest for WEP mainly are:
  • Economics: economic models for the study of the wine sector
  • Marketing: strategic and operative issues
  • Management and organisation: management styles and organisation approaches in small, medium and large wine companies
  • Information and communication technologies in wine B2B and B2C contexts
  • Structure of the wine industry: company typologies, networks and clusters, supply chain actors
  • Innovation: process, product and organisation innovation trends
  • Consumer behaviour: current knowledge and research tools
  • Sustainability and markets: in corporate management choices and consumer preferences
  • Policy: public policies and rural development
  • Legislation: local regulations and international standards

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Current Issue

Vol 10, No 1 (2021)

Published July 6, 2021



Review Article

Giulia Maesano, Giuseppe Di Vita, Gaetano Chinnici, Pappalardo Gioacchino, Mario D'Amico

Original Research Article

Giuseppe Cantafio, Luana Parisi
Tânia Gonçalves, João Rebelo, Lina Lourenço-Gomes, José Caldas
Carla Ferreira, Lina Lourenço-Gomes, Lígia M.C. Pinto
Enrique Orduña-Malea, Cristina I. Font-Julian, José Antonio Ontalba-Ruipérez, Raúl Compés-López
Marcos Vinícius Araujo, Grégory Lo Monaco, Kelly Lissandra Bruch
Lydia Chikumbi, Milan Ščasný, Edwin Muchapondwa, Djiby Thiam
Peter Gal, Attila Jambor, Sandor Kovacs
Elói Jorge, Ernesto Lopez-Valeiras, Maria Beatriz Gonzalez-Sanchez
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