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Wine Economics and Policy is an international, interdisciplinary journal currently run by University of Florence. Studies and researches applied to wine sector, as well as the management skills needed for the competitive development of wine companies, require an increasing international approach. The mission of this journal is to bring together academic researchers and business professionals interested in the economics and politics of wine around the world, and bring about a worldwide opinion on the current issues that the wine sector faces.
Silvio Menghini, University of Florence, Italy

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Just Accepted Manuscripts

Creating Opportunity from Crisis, Progress from Research: Redefining the Wine Sector  
Peter Hayes AM
DOI: 10.14601/web-8333

Emerging consumer preference for wine attributes in a European transition country – thecase of Kosovo 
Edvin Zhllima , Drini Imami, Njazi Bytyqi, Maurizio Canavari, Elvina Merkaj, Catherine Chan
DOI: 10.14601/web-8285

The Impact of Changes in Regulatory and Market Environment on Sustainability of Wine Producers: A Structural Equation Model  
Chinedu Obi, Daniele Vergamini, Fabio Bartolini, Gianluca Brunori
DOI: 10.14601/web-7689

The speed of the internationalisation process and the institutional networks of family SMEs in the DOC Rioja wine industry  
Marta Fernández Olmos, Giulio Malorgio
DOI: 10.14601/web-8371

Assessing the effects of the environment on consumers’ evaluations for wine
G. Pappalardo, G. Chinnici,* R. Selvaggi, B. Pecorino 
DOI : 10.14601/web-7851

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Wine Consumption and Purchasing Behaviour in Germany and Hungary  
G. Szolnoki,* Gedeon Totth
 DOI : 10.14601/web-8053

Us Wine Industry Preparedness For Unforeseen Crises And Disasters: An Empirical Test
Gilinsky A.; Sen A.; Ford J.; Canavati de la Torre S.; Newton S. K*.
DOI : 10.14601/web-8054

Price determinants of sparkling wine in Poland: does reputation really matter?   
Samuele Trestini, Alice Stiletto, Stefanella Stranieri
DOI: 10. 14601/web-8018

The influence of alcohol warning labels on consumers’ choices of wine and beer
Azzurra Annunziata, Lara Agnoli, Riccardo Vecchio, Steve Charters, Angela Mariani
DOI: 10.14601/web-8189

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Current Issue

Vol 8, No 2 (2019)

Published December 1, 2019

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Evelyn Pabst, Gergely Szolnoki, Simone Mueller Loose
Andrea Martínez Salgueiro
Veronica Alampi Sottini, Elena Barbierato, Iacopo Bernetti, Irene Capecchi, Sara Fabbrizzi, Silvio Menghini
Antje Risius, Björn-Ole Klann, Stephan G.H. Meyerding
Chiara Mazzocchi, Giordano Ruggeri, Stefano Corsi
Roberta Spadoni, Mattia Nanetti, Antonio Bondanese, Sergio Rivaroli
Omer Gokcekus, Samin Gokcekus
Peter Lock, Stuart Mounter, Euan Fleming, Jonathan Moss
Agostino Menna, Philip R. Walsh
Maurizio Lanfranchi, Emanuele Schimmenti, Maria Gabriella Campolo, Carlo Giannetto
Eugenio Pomarici, Riccardo Vecchio
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