Vol. 8 No. 1 (2019)
Original Research Article

Picking out a wine: Consumer motivation behind different quality wines choice

Giuseppe Di Vita
University of Torino
Francesco Caracciolo
University of Naples Federico II
Filippo Brun
University of Torino
Mario D’Amico
University of Catania

Published 2019-06-02


  • Basic wines,
  • Bulk wines,
  • Local wines,
  • PDO,
  • PGI

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Di Vita, G., Caracciolo, F., Brun, F., & D’Amico, M. (2019). Picking out a wine: Consumer motivation behind different quality wines choice. Wine Economics and Policy, 8(1), 16–27. https://doi.org/10.14601/web-8217


The quality scale of Italian wines is mainly organized in four categories: PDO, PGI, basic and bulk wine. Our analysis explicitly investigates the patterns and determinants of consumption for these four different types of wine by analyzing a representative sample of consumers from a traditional wine-producing country. This study provides for first time insights on quality perceptions of wines and verifies whether Italian consumers perceive significant differences among the different categories of wines. The overall results, obtained through a system of equation estimates, show that consumer motivations and wine consumption determinants change according to each different range of wine quality and thereby support a hierarchical scale of quality wines, as a fact consumers’ motivation progressively changes as the quality scales of the wine increase or decrease. In addition, this study highlights for first time any differences in the consumption determinants between the PDO and the PGI wines in a national context and it suggests that the influence of the two different GI labels on the wine choice of consumers is truly different. Important insights were also provided for bulk wine whose consumption seems to be closely related to wine tourism and the desire to buy locally produced wines.