Landscape Representation Skills

Call for Papers

Representation is a powerful tool for landscape understanding and spreading. The new issue of Ri-Vista, in continuity with the previous two, intends to explore topics related to the European Landscape Convention during the year we celebrate its twentieth anniversary.

The theme of representation underlines two different levels of investigation that Landscape Representation Skills intends to explore. The first relates to the object itself, that is, the multiple forms, techniques, methods used for representation, therefore the iconographic language as an expressive tool. The second concerns interpretation, i.e. the mental models underlying the representation, which is also preparatory to the identification and evaluation of landscapes required by the Convention.

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Ri-Vista and COVID-19

Call for Papers time sensitive: LANDSCAPE AND CORONAVIRUS

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
What should we not forget at the end of this emergency? In this moment of emergency while looking at the world with a different glance, we are called to reactive reflections and critics. The academic community is used to publish the outcomes of research after a long time spent collecting and processing information, but this time the call changes the rules. The aim is to edit considerations, however scientific, arising from an ongoing situation: something like a logbook, a storage of memories for an ordinary, hopefully not-so-far, tomorrow.
The current circumstances that we are experiencing, with the massive spreading of Coronavirus all over the world, especially in the most densely populated urban areas motivate us to publish a special issue of Ri-Vista dedicated to the relationship between landscape and Covid-19 epidemic, that is questioning current ways of living and producing.

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Emanuela Morelli, Università di Firenze, Italy
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Published September 1, 2020

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