TECHNE 2 (2011): Technological design
Research and Experimentation

Building envelope innovation: smart facades for non residential buildings

TECHNE 2 (2011): Technological design

Published 2011-11-02


  • Energy Saving,
  • Dynamic Skin,
  • Smart Envelopes

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Sala, M., & Romano, R. (2011). Building envelope innovation: smart facades for non residential buildings. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, 1(2), 158–169.


The research analyzes the evolution of smart façade systems in the area of design and industrial production, in order to investigate the technological, functional and qualitative standards of dynamic façade and evaluate the energy performance of the building envelope as a dynamic system that interacts between indoor and outdoor environment. The study focused on dynamic envelopes for office building analyzing the evolution of façade systems in terms of: building construction, innovative systems, smart materials, dynamic system. Aiming to improve building energy performances. The research, developed during the PhD thesis “Smart Envelope - dynamic and innovative technologies for energy saving” and the research “Abitare Mediterraneo”, aims to identify and define the energy performances of smart envelopes trough the analysis of the state of art, related to dynamic building envelope of double skin façade, and the development of a new dynamic façade system.


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