Vol 19, No 1 (2021): Landscape design & COVID-19. Progettare per la natura

Issue Description

This issue of Ri-Vista was born in April 2020 during Covid 19 lockdown and it is aimed to collect some ideas on landscape design arising from this period.

An attempt to compile a sort of logbook, or better, a list of notes, of annotations, helpful to remember what we shouldn’t forget about the pandemic and, above all, to remember what we must bring into landscape design as to improve the quality of life of all living beings on the planet.

Edited by 
Emanuela Morelli, University of Florence, Italy

Cover Image
Domino Park, New York, 2020, photo Paul Martinka


Table of Contents

Editorial (Current series)

Segregazione: silenzio, parla la natura

La forma della città

Non solo città


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